• Introduction
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    We are a play-based Centre, where the early childhood educators facilitate learning through play.
    Although there is some structured learning time throughout the day, we believe that play provides the foundation for learning and understanding in all areas of development.
    We respond to children’s play by giving them the freedom, support, and encouragement they need to pursue their interests and goals.
    We strongly believe that all children need responsive, respectful and reciprocal care in order to thrive.
    Children are completely capable individuals with all the equipment they need within themselves to be able to learn and succeed in their own and unique ways and at their individual pace.
    We recognize that no two children are alike, therefore each child is viewed and respected as individuals in his/her process of learning. We approach each child’s needs and exploration with respect, understanding, patience, and enthusiasm.
    We provide a stimulating environment that is safe, positive, inclusive and anti-bias. This supports growing and learning in all areas of development (social, emotional, physical, and cognitive) as a process full of practice, repetition, discovery, and success.
    Children are treated as active participants in all situations of learning and are given the time and space to discover their abilities on their own.
    (See Testimonials page for full text)

    We feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful teacher for our son. Lena is truly part of our family. We all look forward to seeing her smiling face in the morning. Our child is obviously flourishing in her care, and we know that he is always safe when he is with her. ...
    It is my pleasure to provide a testimonial for the Shalom Daycare. The twins started this Fall and are so enjoying the experience – every day they go to daycare happy and anticipating great fun, and at night-time leave with reluctance...
    Our daughter has been at Shalom Daycare since it opened and we are so grateful that we found it. She is always happy to go to play with her friends and feels as comfortable at daycare as she does at home. This has become her second family...
    We simply could not have found more wonderful care for our son than at Shalom Daycare. Lena is everything that one would hope for in a daycare owner and care provider. She is warm, caring, intelligent, creative, thoughtful, energetic and fun-loving....
  • Our Goals & Objectives
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    • To provide a peaceful, warm environment for all involved in the program.
      • To provide ample amount of time for free play experiences so children can explore and discover.
      • To recognize children as individuals with their own unique needs.
      • To focus on their learning process – not the outcome.
      • To encourage children to express their needs and emotions and to be responsive to them.
      • To allow children to grow at their individual rate.
      • To foster children’s sense in mastery and sense of self.
      • To provide an environment for children to succeed in and to gain a good sense of self, self-esteem, self-concept, and self-worth.
      • To provide parents with monthly newsletters, parent boards, and one-to-one verbal interactions to keep parents up-to-date on their children and the Daycare.
  • Staff
    Lena Abramov immigrated to Canada – to Winnipeg, initially – from Israel in 2008 with her husband and two children.
    Born in Kiev, the Ukraine, she moved as a teenager to Israel in 1993, where she acquired a Bachelor of Education at Oranim College, one of the leading schools for educators in Israel.
    She went on to open and run a successful and well-regarded daycare in the northern Israeli town of Kiryat Yam for eight years.
    In Canada she acquired an ECE Certificate both in Manitoba and in B.C.
    In 2011 she and her family moved to Victoria, and Congregation Emanu-El gladly accepted her offer to re-establish the preschool that used to exist at the synagogue annexe. Shalom Daycare was launched September that year.

    Shoshana Litman - Storytime provides fun, inspiring stories each week from gifted Jewish and secular authors as well as her own imagination. Her stories, both told and read, encourage respect, imagination and delight. She also provides sing-a-long action songs to get kids moving and dancing for joy.
    Shoshana Litman received ordination as a Maggidah (Jewish storyteller and teacher) from Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum of Brooklyn in May 2008. She provides popular Storytimes for preschoolers every Wednesday morning at Tall Tales Books in Victoria as well as Tale Time Fun Indoor Parties with Par-T-Perfect. She performs Musical Storytelling Programs with World Folk Duo, Kouskous, has told Jewish holiday stories on CBC radio and plans to tour Quebec during the TD Childrens Book Tour in May 2012. Please visit Shoshana's website for more information at www.maggidah.com, email or call 250-388-0780.

    Nejama Ferstman - Music and Movement
    Bachelor of Music Therapy
    Music Therapist Music teacher, facilitator, enthusiast

    Enthusiastic about sharing a love of music, movement, dance and stories with children, young adults and golden agers alike, Nejama uses meaningful musical interactions which engage the participant while supporting his cognitive andaffective growth. Nejama is skilled at adapting musical repertoire and activities to suit the needs and tastes of the population she is working with.


    1. Fingerplays: Simple rhythmical songs with actions for fingers, hands, and other parts of the body

    2. Sing-a-long songs

    3. Movement to music

    4. Rhythm orchestra: Using hand-held percussive instruments children will learn about
    taking turns, following a leader, keeping time with others, and the joy of creating music

    5. Musical Stories: Children's literature that invites participation with the following literary devices: rhyme,
    rhythm, cumulative verse and song.
  • Daily Routine
    Infant-Toddler7:45 am09:15:00Free play (Dramatic play, table games, reading, music, water/sand table...)
    9:15 am9:30 amCircle time
    9:30 am9:50 amSnack
    9:50 am10:00 amDiaper change
    10:00 am11:00 amOutside play
    10:00 am10:30 amMusic and Movement (Thursday)
    11:00 am11:30 amArt time
    11:30 am11:50 pmLunch
    11:50 pm12:00 pmDiaper change
    12:00 pm2:30 pmNap time
    2:30 pm2:50 pmSnack
    2:50 pm3:00 pmDiaper change
    3:00 pm4:00 pmOutside play
    4:00 pm4:15 pmStorytime (circle)
    4:15 pm5:15 pmFree play
    Preschool7:45 am09:45:00Free play
    9:45 am10:15 amCircle time
    10:15 am10:30 amSnack
    10:30 am11:00 amStorytime (Wednesday)
    10:30 am11:00 amMusic and Movement (Thursday)
    10:30 am11:00 amArt time
    11:00 am12:00 pmOutside play
    12:00 pm12:20 pmLunch
    12:30 pm2:30 pmNap time
    2:30 pm2:45 pmSnack
    2:45 pm3:00 pmStorytime/ circle
    3:00 pm4:00 pmFree play/ art
    4:00 pm5:15 pmOutside play
  • Contact Us
    1461 Blanshard St.

    Victoria BC

    V8W 2J3

    (778) 977-2898

    Email: Click here

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